Thursday, August 2, 2012

Warmachine - Moving On

The Left for Dead line-up

It was a half a year ago that Warmachine began the process of making our first ever music video. It took a long time because some unforeseen circumstances forced us to delay its release. But the wait is over and you can now see the brand new video for "Moving On" here!

To celebrate the release of the Moving On music video, I've decided to put up a video of myself playing along to the it, and tell you a little bit about the story behind the song and video.

When Joe Di Taranto was writing the songs which would end up on our latest album "Left for Dead," the rest of us in the band were quietly putting our own parts together to the demos he would send us every couple of days. Moving On came towards the end of the writing process, and I will never forget the reaction that our then drummer Adam Raymer and I had to the demo Joe sent us: we were both a little puzzled and even worried. The song was in a very basic form, just a skeleton of what it would end up being, and at that stage it sounded so far removed from anything we had done up until that point. I remember thinking that it was too soft, too "mainstream". But Joe kept telling us not to worry, that he had a "vision" in his head of how the song would sound in the end, and that it would be a great track: heavy, catchy, a true Warmachine creation. The song turned out amazing and I have never doubted Joe since then.

I love this song. Even after listening to it 3 million times I'm still not tired of it. It has such a great pace, awesome vocal melodies and performance, wicked drums, melodic solos, in fact the least interesting part of this song is my bass part, ha! There's even a little nod to Jeff Waters and Annihilator in the second guitar solo: as soon as Johnny Salerno came up with his solo for this song I said to him "hey! That's an Annihilator riff". This song was written before I had joined Annihilator, but Joe, Johnny, and myself have been fans of the band for years, so it's no wonder that Johnny would subconsciously use a part of the guitar melody from "21" on his solo here (2:50 on my video of the song)

Warmachine - Left for Dead
The tuning for this is Drop-C (from low to high C-G-C-F) and the bass part is quite simple, I mainly play eight-notes throughout following the rhythm guitar part, except for the bridge which has that sliding part (2:18). However the line I played in the video during the guitar solos is a little different from the one I played on the CD recording, because during the recording I used my 5-string Yamaha instead of the Ibanez Iceman from the video, and so the Bb note at 2:40 (in this tuning its the 3rd fret on the A string) I had to play it an octave higher. You can find the tab to the bass part here.

Big thanks go to Sean Gregory at TRH Music Group and Murray Daigle at MDS Recording who engineered and produced the recording of "Left for Dead" and to all the guys and girls at Otalko Productions who did all the work for the video.